Performance Culture

In a market characterized by volatility and uncertainty, with challenges present every step of the way, making the most of the potential one company has can be a complex and challenging task. Over the past years, our company has gone through a restructuring process that has enabled us to increase our performance. To reach our ambitious future goals, we constantly adapt the way we think and behave to reach a performance culture shared across the whole organization.

Petrom aspires to transform its organizational culture into a ’Performance Culture’, where we consider that our people are our best resource. A strong company truly progresses when its people are focused on the same objectives, they share the same values and have the same vision.
We believe one of Petrom’s key assets is the management team. This is why, at this point, we focus our attention on developing the managerial capabilities of our people, as an important element of a performance culture.

Through various projects we develop a performance-oriented culture, as we aim at creating a common spirit and increasing the support for our managers. In organizational life, to achieve results depends to a great extent on the ability to work with other people. In this respect, extensive analyzes and research were conducted in 2009 and debate groups were organized, where the current culture was analysed in detail.

We believe that in a performance oriented culture, the company's strategic objectives are known by all employees, decisions are made responsibly, people work efficiently in a team and they feel respected and appreciated for results achieved. And, last but not least, efforts put forth in identifying a problem and suggesting good ideas to solve it are appreciated and rewarded.

Outlook 2010
In 2010, we will further analyze and develop the key areas of performance culture mentioned above, with focus on:

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