Driving Values

Petrom is driven by Professionalism, Pioneering, and Partnership:

Petrom strongly believes that translating these values into action creates long-term benefits for our stakeholders - shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, as well as for the interested communities.

Living Petrom’s values
Demonstrating high levels of professionalism, pioneering and partnership is an important part of being successful in our company. These driving values support our development as individuals and as a team. At Petrom we constantly encourage people to think about these values and their relevance to their own personal activities. We think that being a good professional, a good partner and a pioneer lie at the heart of inspiring people, creating a team and delivering high performance, on a continuous basis.

In 2009 we continued to ensure, through communication, a climate where people are encouraged to live the values in their day-to-day activity and support the development of the company through personal change. In order to generate clarity regarding the role of the values at Petrom, we used the sports metaphor in a series of interactive workshops for managers and a caravan touring the main locations in the country. Our message was that success depends on our attitude and values, and it was delivered as a parallel between sport and professional life.

Customized activities built around the values allowed interaction with the people and were supported by two powerful external endorsers: Octavian Belu - a role model for managers, and the boxing champion Leonard Doroftei - a true role model for the blue collar staff.

For people working in the field we rediscovered the pride of being part of the oil workers’ community and talked about how the values support them in their activity. Over 360 oil workers proudly shared their working life stories as inspired by their greater experience developed in our company. The most touching stories were awarded on September 8, on Oilmen’s International Day.

The Driving Values also offer an opportunity for our employees to be rewarded for their performance and excellence at work. Therefore we aimed at increasing the levels of engagement of our employees by demonstrating, through firm recognition, that living the values is appreciated by all of us. For several months, an internal campaign, organized as a competition sought out examples of the values in action with the message ‘the best in us’. People had been invited to nominate their colleagues or teams that embodied the spirit of the values. At the Annual General Meeting, we awarded 9 ’the best in us’ awards for employees living the Driving Values. We also celebrated ’the best in us’ Champion, a colleague who demonstrated to apply in her/his work a combination of all three company values in day-to-day activities, and ‘the volunteer of the year’, a colleague who was involved in volunteering activities during 2009.

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