Energy Management

Energy Consumption
Total energy consumption at Petrom, was 61.36 PJ in 2009 (2008: 81.57 PJ).

Energy Efficiency
The improvement of energy efficiency is a key target for Petrom’s business segments.
According to the benchmark studies by Solomon Associates, the Energy Intensity Index (EII) of the fuels part of the Petrom refineries has been reduced significantly during the last years. For both Arpechim and Petrobrazi refineries EII declined by 17% between 2004 and 2008 reaching EII = 178 in 2008. In recent years, we recorded a considerable progress with respect to process optimization. At Petrom, the ongoing modernization projects, involving a total investment of more than EUR 4 bn since 2005, will lead to significant energy efficiency improvements.

In Petrom Refining, energy management tools are being implemented, for example, a real time database, yield accounting and Key Performance Indicators on energy efficiency. Small investment projects for energy optimization are promoted. An award system for improvement ideas of employees with significant impact on energy efficiency and savings was developed.

In Petrom Marketing, all new operational terminals and filling stations built in 2009 have integrated energy efficiency projects in their commissioning plans. The Jilava terminal is a state of the art example in this respect.

In 2009, Petrom E&P started the first of a series of comprehensive field based analyses to undertake detailed baseline studies of all existing GHG emission sources at specified Field Clusters (FC), including quantification of the amount of GHGs emitted from each type of source. Although the initial plan was to undertake several of these studies in 2009, this program was reduced to only two (of 16) on-shore Field Clusters, due to budget constraints determined by the international financial downturn. The purpose of the studies was to prepare accurate GHG inventories and energy balance sheets for each selected FC, as a basis for detailed plans to eliminate or minimize the GHG emissions.
Engineering for the replacement of several boiler batteries to improve the energy efficiency of existing facilities commenced in 2009. Furthermore, a first energy efficiency pilot project, a 1 MW gas-to-power unit in Runcu - Iconita, was successfully commissioned. The plans of Petrom E&P to make progressive improvements in energy efficiency in the course of modernizing its infrastructure have been delayed as a result of the financial crisis earlier in 2009, which resulted in operating budgets being significantly reduced.

Starting with the new gas fired power plant in Brazi, Romania, Petrom is building up the new power business. This is a new gas combined cycle power plants ensuring best practice in energy efficiency.

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